As you know crop insurance involves a great deal of record keeping. Each year our clients must submit their crop yields to us so we can report them on their policies. These records are also subject to potential audits that can be triggered in a number of ways. Over the years, we have built a system to help our clients do a better job of assembling and maintaining these records. Our experience has been that when one of our clients is forced to complete an audit, the records we have helped to create and maintain make the process much smoother for them. They spend less of their valuable time dealing with the audit and it rarely results in any delay of claim payments. In contrast, we hear horror stories of other producers forced to spend hours compiling records and often spend months waiting for their claim payment. We find that unacceptable.

Below are a few images of an example of the Production Record Booklet we use with many of our clients. Many even use it themselves to help them better manage their grain inventory. If you would like to learn more about how this tool could be valuable to your operation, please contact us at 913-367-4711 or